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My nursing fundamentals textbook be like 

"…use clinical reasoning and clinical decision making to practice safe and effective nursing care to improve clinical systems and decrease errors in clinical judgement…"

Wait, sorry, what? I was distracted by the number of ‘clinical’s you used

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Me watching football:
Did they just score a hoop?
Yeah throw that puck.
I love golf.
World cup 2k14

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I may or may not have slept through all of the sessions at WLC today


not really

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so i cleared my throat today and


and then someone poked me in the side so I laughed




and that’s what it’s like being on the second day of your period

i hope this has been educational

This is so accurate it hurts my soul.

I have never seen something so accurate before

The male side of tumblr must be so traumatized right now

there’s a male side of tumblr?

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091814 - A day for the books

  • clinical group had to wait for me because I snoozed until 5:30am :p
  • when you’re so sleepy you don’t even realize you KO’ed in discussion.. and everyone is seated in a circle
  • "Time for break!" *looks at clock* *only 8:30am*
  • feeling the love because 4 different classmates asked if I was feeling tired and if I needed water and offered to let me copy their notes
  • everyone has each other’s backs in my practicum and I love it so much :’)
  • met Alejandro the mannequin during simulation. He blinks and has a pulse and everything! So. Awesome. 
  • felt 40 eyes turn toward me when instructor asked for a volunteer to pretend to the dummy so we could practice moving patients
  • it actually wasn’t too bad, kind of comforting actually
  • also learned about restraints.. Now I know the right way to tie someone to bed heh
  • weather finally cooled down after lunch
  • "I know it’s just a reflection, but I feel like it has to sound like college, you know?" "No lol"
  • birthday-mission bustin’ with Shirley
  • Pre-birthday celebration for Breanna!
  • Niebuhr discussion in christian ethics class lol
  • The Maze Runner for movie night
  • Cafe Dahab and lounge chilling
  • got to drive a bimmer up the Mount hehe
  • antics until 4am
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*studies for the entire day*

*still behind on assigned readings*

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Keeping The Same Tabs Open For 9 Days Straight Because They Contain Information Relevant To Tasks You’re Too Lazy To Complete - A novel by me

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Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

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what would I do without my friends

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im funnier online where I can’t stutter

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Summer is just about over with sophomore year right around the corner, and I honestly couldn’t be more content with where I’m at right now. The past couple of months have brought some changes into my life, some darn good changes at that — definitely blessings and surprises I didn’t expect but nonetheless am absolutely appreciative for.

Selected highlights of Summer 2014 include:

  • thoroughly enjoyable summer school… but then again, who wouldn’t like coming to class to watch movies every morning
  • week long celebration for nursing school acceptance.. Mom finally looked like she was proud of me for something 
  • more services for lil bro.. ty gov’t 
  • first vacation in 3 years (?!) We paid an obscene amount of money to see some fish and have no wifi
  • snorkeling for the first time, or at least failing to snorkel.. the waves kept washing me back to shore 
  • seeing the USC marching band… their energy is too contagious for one room
  • 160 hour externship = I am biopsy princess and scanning expert
  • getting hired right out of externship yays
  • frequently heard comments at work: “Are you Filipino?” *speaks Tagalog*, also “so what high school do you go to?”, and “Is the witch in today?”
  • new friends, old friends, and real talk always
  • D.L. 
  • now I can say I’ve tried ox tail soup
  • tofu adventures one too many

With my moments of doubt in the past, I never thought this day would come, but basically, nearly everything is working out for me and I am so happy. Food tastes better, Kristen Stewart movies are less cringe-worthy, and every day is a whole lot sunnier. Things don’t always happen the way we like, and although this wasn’t my original plan, I feel like my efforts from are finally paying off. My summer has been rewarding in many ways, and I’m beginning to have faith again. I’m just really blissful and I’m so excited for this next chapter in my life. 

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I used to laugh so much about this.  Not once in all the movies does a woman die on screen.  

I hope that Jurassic World doesn’t break the canon.

Ain’t no dinosaur big enough to throw as much shade as Dr. Ellie Sattler does.

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